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Alexander Bonilla Silva:
Reggae Promoter
Reggae DJ (Radio & Club) Founder, Editor & CEO:
+ Fyah Sound System
Writer & Journalist.
+ Fyah Sound System:
We just play Strictly Roots and Cultural Reggae and Dancehall music. We love to promote the good vibes on our own live showcases playing across the country.
Escucha: PLAYA MEGA, un Especial semanal con solo lo mejor del Reggae y el Dancehall. Los Domingos (11:00 am - 1:00 pm) a través de RCN Radio La Mega Cartagena 94.5 FM.


Greetings and Rastafari Blessings to everyone. I was born in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia on March 4th of 1973. Most of the people who know about I&I consider me as a truly supporter and hardcore committed reggae fan. I actually share my time by working independently and promoting Reggae music as well.

I must have to say first that it is because of my deep interest on Jamaica, Rastafari and Reggae music, which all began early on my life as a teenager. It has allowed me to became a serious former collector, archivist, historian, lecturer, promoter, DJ (Radio & Club), Broadcaster and also Webmaster. Between 1995 and 1998 I ran the first and only reggae music club in my town. Then, in December 1999 I joined the prominent international reggae network organization known as Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide (R.A.W.) I&I was the first and still proudly being the only colombian active member of this amazing organization.

In January 2000, I&I still working harder into higher levels by starting two new projects until todat: playing reggae music on FM Radio on weekly-based Grass-Roots Reggae Show and also launching the non-profits organization and portal: – a very informative and interesting cultural website, the first established official reggae site from Colombia. A very comprehensive network founded with serious compromise and deep love for reggae music, Jamaican culture and everything related. Of course, it is also focuses on the interesting showcase national scene.

Considering the importance of this musical genre, I&I always working trying to move and keep reggae music alive and on the top. In this matter, I&I have been the host and co-host, producer & selector of diverses radio shows broadcasted on Radio and Internet, being also a reputable local reggae promoter, CEO for site and manager for local, national and international bands as well.

During the last 10 years, until now, I&I have had the amazing opportunity to be extensively traveling around the world specially places like Jamaica and Europe attending as an international media guest some of the largest and greatest Reggae Shows activities on Earth like Reggae Sumfest, Reggae Sunsplash, Rototom Sunsplash, Africa Unite, Smile Jamaica, Rebel Salute, Cure Fest, All Spice, The Bob Marley Celebrations, The Annual Dennis Brown Tribute, The Reggae Festival Film, Reggae Month Celebration, and many others.

Apart of being in active role on Radio Airwaves, I&I recently founded our own Sound System called + Fyah Sound System playing strictly Reggae and Dancehall music all over the country, promoting our own shows and receiving multiples invitations to play across the country. Nowdays, we co-host and support two weekly Reggae Radio Shows, both are broadcasted here in Cartagena De Indias. One of them is 'Playa Mega', done along with DJ Trigve Fraser (Sundays, 11:00 am - 1:00 PM / RCN Radio, La Mega Cartagena 94.5 FM)

En estos momentos colaboramos junto con Trygve Fraser en la producción & selección musical del programa radial: PLAYA MEGA, un especial semanal de música jamaiquina, con fuerte énfasis en el reggae y sus raíces, transmitido en vivo desde Cartagena de Indias, los domingos, de 11 AM - 1 PM a través de RCN Radio La Mega Cartagena 94.5 FM y en Internet a travesdel portal de RCN Radio.

Ha sido una experiencia privilegiosa y enriquecedora continuar llevando a cabo nuestra misión crucial de impulsar y promover la música reggae, ya sea en Internet a través de nuestro sitio y como Reggae DJ en la Radio, Clubes y eventos locales. Desde un principio nuestro propósito fundamental ha sido trabajar desinteresadamente a favor de brindarle mayor apoyo y una mejor difusión para este importante genero musical desde nuestro pais.

En cualquiera de nuestras facetas personales, siempre consideramos muy en serio la importancia y el significado del mensaje expresado en la música reggae y su mision para la humanidad. Finalmente nos corresponde agradecer muy sinceramente a nuestros amigos 'supporters', artistas, grupos y bandas & sellos discográficos que nos han apoyado permanentemente con material promocional. Gracias !!!

Truly Yours...

... Best Regards and RASpect !!!!


Alexander Bonilla Silva
RAW 1222
Reggae Promoter / DJ (Radio & Club)

Postal Mail:
Attn: Alexander Bonilla Silva
Barrio Los Caracoles
Manzana 21 Lote 7 (2ª Etapa)
Cartagena De Indias, Bolivar, Colombia
Tel: (575) 6670788
Mob: (57) 311 689 16 30

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